Workout Library

The 108 Method


This 5 video series goes beyond just physical movement; it encapsulates my entire wellness philosophy! Join me for a brief but heart-pumping workout (all under 12 minutes!) to condition your heart, legs, arms, and core and create energy, clarity, motivation, and confidence. Are you ready?

Yoga with Monica


Now you can practice yoga with me no matter where you go! My Yoga with Monica series features three different sequence to choose from and combine: a partner flow sequence (which can also be done solo), a chair supported routine for gentle mobility and strength work, and a sun salutation challenge to tone your arms, core, and get your heart-rate up!

12 Day Merry Moves Challenge


While I originally launched this workout to help my clients stay fit over the November/December holidays (aka cookie season!), this is a great 12 Day series to try any time of the year when you are looking to maintain or create muscle tone with little equipment and just 20 minutes a day.

You’ll find 3 videos targeting your legs, arms, and abs. Try just one, or combine all three for a total body workout.

Let’s Connect Beyond the Screen

This online video library is a great place to come to get your sweat on while traveling or when you’re short on time! But nothing beats the accountability and motivation that comes from working a face-to-face.

If you want to take your workouts off-line, click here to checkout my weekly class offeringsor use the form below to inquire about my personal and small-group training packages!