What Goes Around, Comes Around!

by Monica | October 3, 2018

Karma…what does this word evoke in you ? Destiny? Fate? In the Sanskrit language, Karma translates as “action.” Newton’s Law, well one of them, says every action in nature has an equal or opposite reaction.  So basically, what we do affects our path, another’s path, and the road ahead, maybe even in the next lifetime! This is Karma..!

I believe in reincarnation, angels, and eternal life everlasting. The souls that lived prior to this present moment all contributed to our Earth; their own legacy, and the evolution of us as a collective tribe of humans! Consider this: our spirit/soul has to keep returning to reach a higher vibrational level needed; closer to Nirvana or enlightenment. Lessons can be very difficult and we continue to evolve through learning to connect, create, and let go. (Detachment is the hardest thing to do as mentioned in my previous blogs!) But you see..this is where faith plays a gigantic part: believe in the amazing journey of your soul and know, even in death, we do continue. Our love has touched many lives and our stories have opened up other’s closed doors, thus our legacy continues to ripple out into the world through our shared light.

As we aim for goals and reach for happiness, lots of obstacles get in our way. We have many repetitive thoughts that can make or break our day. We must all remember that we have a greater purpose here and our gifts need to be shared!  Judgements about our self and others need to be extinguished so that our light can shine with a fervent flame! Do it, build it, write it, create it and allow your inner strength to add to your legacy. Listen to your higher self: your positive words, the Divine in you..God! Choose happy even when life is tough. Always know the sun does shine behind the rain clouds!

What we put into our mind & our body affects our spirit and our health. Like the number 8 itself, circuitous and seemingly infinite, our actions flow seemlessly into reactions. How we perceive the action is yoga…choosing to rise above and know you ARE the present as this moment is a true gift too! Be free and let your spirit soar now. Be grateful to those that came before us, re-visit your faith in God and know your whole self is in good hands. Go now and do what it is you are called to do. This is your one shot to go for the gold. Life is not a dress rehearsal, so leave without regrets and make the lives you touch give you a standing ovation perhaps even  wanting an “encore!”


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