We’re All in This Together: The “1” of 108

by Monica | August 17, 2018


Do you ever  feel like you’re surrounded with people that know more, show more, or do more? Do you ever feel like you have nothing compared to them, or you will never be as…fill in the blank…as them? Life is a beautiful variety of such unique souls! Look at the present world of over 7 BILLION of us, no two exactly alike and allow a deep breath of AWE! Instead of comparing to another, let us be comforted by the fact that we are all in this world together. We are connected and we can be empowered with this fact, or we can choose to let it divide us.  One might say “ ..everybody’s different.” Or “ they are so different, ‘weird’ or ‘strange’”. We can recognize and honor our differences, but rather than judge, segregate, or alienate, let’s open our eyes to the amazing world we live in, complete with a variety of so many personalities . This can strengthen us as we let go of ego and realize the bigger picture here!

But human nature of comparing can often bring us down. The old “ keepin’ up with the Jones,’” and the cry for attention amidst social media can drive our thoughts to our own demise.  Understanding our connectedness and migrating toward like-minded beings is our saving grace. Not allowing negative thoughts and judgements bring us down, and knowing we are not alone but together here can lift us up and that, quite frankly, affects our well-being! Mahatma Ghandi said “Truth is one, paths are many”. I believe with all our uniqueness, humanness, ups & downs, stories , truths, joy and sorrow..we ARE one. Universal, united, all from the Divine.  Next time you are in a crowd, like the one pictured here at the Summer Solstice International World Day of Yoga in Times Square NYC, look around at the energy of the people then catch someone by looking in their eyes. That real moment of soul-to-soul connection can lead you on the path to wellness. No matter where you are in your story, know the difference between “ WEllness” and “ Illness” is …WE vs. I. WE are here on this planet for a short 100 or less years. Let’s support each other with honor, kindness and and the willingness to let go of judgement. Our health depends on it! We can do this not in a “selfie” way but with a  self-less , awe-some and joy-ful way! xo


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