Trust Your Gut…Get Out of a Rut!

by Monica | April 2, 2019

You know those moments in your life when something just does not feel right? Your gut feeling is telling you to change course, move along or speak your truth!? There have been countless times this sensation came over me, and many times I have listened to it, other times it created a knot in the pit of my stomach. I know you’ve been there and it’s all truly a part of life. The key is to listen, deeply listen to these messages our body sends. From a lump in the throat to goose bumps, hair standing up on the neck, or that gut belly message..our body is trying to get our attention and our soul is longing to be heard.

I will confess there have been several major life events that I can credit to my deep intuitive listening skills-from my teenage years to my most recent life changing decisions. As my soul has evolved over the years I can now say that these moments in my life that caused me to change course are what I call “spiritual hits.” Some power greater than me had my attention and I listened. The answer wasn’t in my friends response when I asked advice or even in a book. The answer was and always has been within myself.

Something told me to re-connect with my ex-boyfriend over 26 years ago and as the story played out, we had 3 amazing children. We were married 20 years and guided their lives with much love and protection before I listened, somewhat reluctantly, to another big gut-feeling “spiritual hit.” Feeling reluctant and torn to follow through because of the societal ideals that grace the un-mentionable act of divorce. Digging deep into my heart and soul for guidance while trying hard to not listen to all others around me. Again, the answer was within me. Had I ever imagined this to be part of my story? To be honest, no. Could it happen, one may think when newly in love and ready to marry? The truth is nothing lasts forever but true love is everlasting. This is not to sound morbid or dark, just allowing the simple fact that life is full of endings. We live, we love, we learn and grow; we die and our love continues in the love of others. Our soul lives on and our legacy is eternal.  

There is an inner voice that can help us to find our life’s work, our true calling. Our purpose in life is to have a life full of purpose. My gut feeling and belief is that each one of us was created by God for the greater good. Our soul will give a nudge if our life does not align with this grander plan. It may take more than a nudge and eventually we will listen and change the way we have been doing things. As I tell my yoga students- don’t wait for the body to scream at you before you hear it!

So have you been listening to your gut feelings? Notice them. Notice when it happens. Journal about them, breathe deeply with them and find a quiet place to tap into what that feeling could be about. Know the answers are within you and that you have the power to find them. Trust and be in tune with only your inner strength. No one else but you can tell you what to do or how to follow your amazing life path. Take a walk in nature, meditate, close your eyes, or even seek a professional to help guide you to your answer.

Your truth lies within you!