Trekking to Everest Base Camp- the Ultimate Empowering Adventure!

by Monica | September 18, 2019

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The great outdoors is where you want to be when the leaves begin to change and the cool, crisp breezes begin to roll in, right? With the magic of autumn approaching, and the sizzle of summer still apparent, the great outdoors is where I’ve been training-LOTS! From the hills behind WARF, where I personal train and teach many classes, to the hiking trails in Shenandoah National Park, these feet are readying for a trek of a lifetime. The best part about it? This training and lifetime adventure is for the greater good and evern better than that? It wasn’t truly on my “bucket list,” until now… 

There are certain times in your life when you just have to trust a grander plan. This is one of those times, as I have had many over the years, haven’t you? It seems the time is right, the body says yes and the heart is in it; the nest is empty, the car-pool days are done and this world is calling me. And so I answer-after much contemplation, meditation and research.

Growing up we did a lot of camping but not a whole lot of hiking. I was a late bloomer when it came time to skiing, hiking and even fitness. Making up for lost time, why not climb to Mount Everest Base Camp this October? Now let me make sure you read that correctly-not the summit, just the Base Camp. Still, this incredible place on Earth is at an altitude of 17,500 feet which requires some deep breathing and acclimating at a slow pace. As a yoga teacher I have the breathing part down and as a personal trainer I have been steadily building endurance and stamina when it comes to hiking each week. The steps it takes to make this journey have been months in the making on many levels. The motivation behind it is what makes this training different than any other. The why behind it is almost as big as Mount Everest itself: #climbingforacause, as it is written in social media verbiage, is bringing awareness to the lack of clean water accessibility. A world-wide crisis that needs some serious attention, especially after the most recent hurricane disaster in the Bahamas.

As my legs grow tired while hiking each week and my feet begin to throb, I remember how this event will empower women and girls around the world whose lives are disproportionately impacted by a lack of clean water accessibility.  They are typically the ones responsible for getting water for cooking which can take hours on foot to gather. It is far from their village, laden with parasites and often times they are at serious risk of violence or death. We have no idea the length at which they go to simply to provide a life sustaining element. My 4-7 hours of hiking a day is the least I can do to support those without clean water.

Step after step I have been building up strength to be part of World Hope International’s #climbforacause. Since early spring my husband Mike and I agreed to be part of the 7 Seas & 7 Summits fundraising adventure being led by Sara Hasteiter-an international sailor and climber going for the goal of first woman to sail all 7 seas and climb the highest summits of the world’s 7 continents. Her motivation to reach this goal is impressive and inspiring to women around the world. Her passion for water along with her humanitarian support for World Hope is how this adventure began. Once it was brought to my attention by Marianne Clyde who has also done work with World Hope, the initiative to be part of this eye-opening event snow-balled. No pun intended.

I am honored to be part of a hike like none before. Together we can help clear away obstacles and conquer mountains of all sizes. You, too, can be part of climbing to reach our goal. An estimated 2.1 billion people in the world are without access to safe drinking water resulting in the death of more than 800 children each day.

To build one well takes approximately $10,000- Mike and I are close to our goal but we need you to help. Click HERE to donate to our climb for a cause.

Thank you for all of the support for our team. I will be writing from the highest place on earth to share with you upon our return!



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