Three Ways to Get What You Want

by Monica | January 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered why the one thing you really, really want in life just isn’t coming your way any time soon? Is there a dream you desire that has been pulling at those heart strings and yet it still hasn’t become a reality?

Be patient, my friend. I have 3 steps to show you how to get on that path of wishes coming true. Full disclaimer; not every dream shows up exactly as our ego plans it so be prepared to see things with a new set of eyes. My own life is proof, as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sang – You can’t always get what you want but you get what you need.

Stay with me as I have some good news for you! Often times you are provided with an even BIGGER dream than you imagined. Sometimes there is yet a different perspective that can satisfy your heart’s desire in ways you could not have foreseen.


Don’t let anything change your heart’s desire. 

  Long ago, my father told me he would not walk me down the aisle once I let him know we had a female Unity minister marrying by former husband and myself. I hear you, hard stuff to swallow, right? Well my desire to stay on course was so strong that my vulnerable ego stood up to him; and after much back and forth of perhaps some heated exchange, not ONLY did I get what I wanted but it gets even better than that; BOTH my parents walked me down the aisle! It was an amazing turn of events, and all because I trusted my gut and spoke my heart’s wishes. I was focused on having Dad at my side and it turned out much better than I expected.


Then there was the time I simply wanted guidance on how to give my newborn baby a spiritual path that didn’t necessarily include one particular religion. Back then I was an avid attendee at Marianne Williamson’s lectures on A Course in Miracles. She always gave time for Q&A and happened to pick my question to read aloud. Not only did she choose my inquiry but she offered to christen my baby herself, as she was a Unity minister just beginning her book tour and amazing career! I asked a simple question and yet was given a gift that spiritually welcomed my daughter with a blessing. The gathering was complete with immediate family, and even Holy Water from Knock, Ireland. That little addition was compliments of my dad who was finally seeing the empowering women along my path as an amazing gift.


Back in high school is when I first learned of the power that vision boards can provide. I put together my colorful magazine cut-outs for what I wanted in my future. One of the highlights of that psychology class assignment was the picture of me, my boyfriend and our baby seated between us looking out on the ocean. In just over a decade that dream came true beyond the wish for one child. We married, had  three children, and did in fact spend much time at the ocean! Once again, I saw the power in such a vision. Then when it was time for a move out of state due to a job transfer, I embraced this move with some desirable photos of dreams houses we could find once relocated. Low and behold the house we ended up in looked very much like the one on my vision board some 2 years earlier!

So the third step- create and see beyond what you can imagine. You may be given a path you didn’t necessarily dream about, but with some photos, positive affirmations and a glue stick, you make your dream loud and clear along the path! 

My current path has been visualized on a board I began half a decade ago with some bumps along the way. The time is now to live the dream I aimed for five or so years ago. Like the bamboo that shoots up tall after being deeply rooted for years in the making, the action and strategy I lead you with here in this blog works because I have put it to the test. You, too, can stand strong in the storms of life and continue to aim for your dreams. Remember these 3 steps and find your way:

  1. Stay focused
  2. Be open and patient
  3. Visualize your dream on paper

   GO!! Dream big and be open to amazing opportunities. 



  1. Anne

    And step 4 should be: DO IT! I think many people are content to sit and wish, but never actually try to achieve their goals. So much easier to laze on the couch and eat cake while watching tv….

  2. Kim

    Very empowering Monica❤️
    Thank you for your encouraging thoughts!

  3. Julie

    Make my vision a reality! What a concept. Sometimes I suppose just a bit of guidance in helping to achieve the realities is the boost. Thanks for a boost.

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