Three Things to Make You READY for Christmas

by Monica | December 17, 2018

Do you remember when you were a kid waking up on Christmas morning? Holy COW was that exciting! Magic just happened, presents just appeared, and no matter where you were or what your story was at that time, maybe you were lucky enough to have a smile both on your face and in your heart. The smell of yummy breakfast and some Christmas songs playing as you tore into the colorful big package in the corner? The fireplace was real, not just a click of a button, and it crackled and popped as the dog enjoyed lying in front of it completely unamused by all the hub-bub? YES!

One of the most interesting questions this time of year is, ”Are you ready for Christmas?” Who wouldn’t be ready for  that magical morning miracle!? I am ALWAYS ready to receive the message, the meaning, the whole spiritual part of it all. Is that what those folks asking the question REALLY mean?!

Or do they mean: Is your gift list done, your menu set, your decorations up, your cards written, your plans made etc?

Yikes! Heck no! Who started that whole card, picture perfect, no hand-written-note thing anyway?! The things I made my 3 children do to be the next Anne Geddes!! But I always wrote from my heart inside the card to each and every recipient. Whoa, some late nights back then!

Okay so here is a secret: you are already ready for Christmas. Isn’t that a huge relief!? Each of us born into this beautiful life are already a gift! And life is a gift for us, thank God. Honestly, each DAY is Christmas! Wow that’s even more exciting!

However, if you get caught up in the got-to-get, got-to-do, got-to-have thoughts, then the following  advice will help get you back on track:

  1. Think about someone in a less fortunate life-no home, no money, no loved ones.
  2. Think about your ancestors, just a hundred years ago-no electricity, no cars.
  3. Think about life without you having been born. The love you can give to lift another.

All of the To-Do’s take on a whole new feeling having done the above exercise. Trust me when I tell you, all that matters will get done someway somehow with faith and trust. If it doesn’t, guess what? It wasn’t meant to be. If we can live life as if Christmas is every day and learn not how to get, but to give, we would be like a child full of awe and wonder; yet be wise in our years and give our love away. That is the meaning of Christmas! It is a wonder-FULL life! Go enjoy this magical season!



  1. Sharon

    Monica your timing is Always impeccable!! After reading your message it warms my heart to know that I am ready. Given that the house is not fully decorated and the gifts are not finished is perfectly okay. Having my family loved ones, along with health and a warm home truly makes me stop to pause and appreciate all the blessings. Thank you! So I will now close out from online shopping and go get some much needed sleep 🙂

  2. Robynn Berquist

    I was having a depressing season as all my immediate family, mom, dad and brother have all passed over the past 10 years, and I was not getting into the season. Looking back growing up was fun, we traveled, went camping a lot and just had fun, so I know I was truely blessed growing up. Now I need to put those great memories in action again and make my life happy again.
    Merry Christmas and make it a Happy New Year!!!

  3. Richard Zimmerman

    I missed this article when published last year but thankfully read it when republished this year. Nonetheless, Monica’s basic, fundamental tips for preparing oneself for Christmas can be applied in any year. The article is wonderfully written with Monica’s flair and style to offer insight and understanding of what Christmas should be about. Furthermore, if the sound advice on how to enjoy Christmas (and/or life) becomes your normal attitude, which it should, it can be applied year round.

  4. julia

    Hi , That was nice to read! Thank you Julia

  5. Sherri Yoder

    Beautiful words of encouragement and truth. When I contemplate my situation, that of others, my family, and the fact that I am here living and breathing…I have everything I need. I’m ALWAYS ready to give and receive love. Thank you!

  6. Dany


    Thank you for the insightful and powerful words you have shared here. I agree: to stop and think for even a brief moment, is to become joyfully aware of your natural propensity for gratitude. What a wonderful reminder to give as a gift, at Christmastime, and every day.

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