Water Yoga: The Summer Secret to Strength and Calm in Your Life

by Monica | June 15, 2019

This summer do something you may not have done before…yoga in the pool! Of course a lake, ocean or even a hot tub would give your body a new perspective on feeling stronger, longer, leaner and more flexible in both body and mind. Plus you don’t even know you are sweating when doing a class in the water! It’s refreshing and invigorating while beneficial for the muscles and joints.

Don’t like getting in a swimsuit or being in the water? Take a deep breath: you don’t have to swim per se, just allow the water to work its magic to support your muscles. Also, there are rash guards you can wear or even swim tights to keep you feeling comfortable so you can truly enjoy the flow. All of my classes are done in shallow water which allows us to use the hydrostatic pressure of the water to create support, boost circulation and help with balance. Dynamic noodles are used to create extra buoyancy and add a bit of resistance for increasing strength. Often times I use them as you would a yoga strap to feel the stretch on a deeper level.

Yoga on land is sometimes intimidating and not always welcoming to all populations. Flowing in the water takes the stress off of the joints a bit, yet the challenge remains for the muscles needed for balance. As the current is constantly moving, the ability to maintain stability increases. Posture improves as we work both with and against the current. Sometimes we connect to each other to enhance the stretches and help awaken other muscles. My mission is to make it fun while we flow and grow.

Over the years there have been several ways to exercise in the water. I’ve been teaching water aerobics for over ten years and have added Aqua Zumba, Water Boot Camp and River Walking to the list. Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga  (also known as SUP Yoga) is one I have not yet added to my classes but many of my colleagues teach it regularly. We have all grown since the days of Esther Williams and synchronized swimming! Needless to say, the options to strengthen your body, increase your flexibility, and help with core balance while in the water have more than doubled over the last few decades. Why not jump out of your comfort zone a little and come try a class in the water? Your body will be healthier, your mind more free, and your summer more relaxing. Whether you join a local class or choose to flow  in the privacy of your own pool, give yourself the gift of letting go of judgement and let’s float our way to bliss.


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  1. Andrea Kelly

    Very inviting your article says to me. I am begginer yoga participant and try most moves on land, but I do know my limits. I the pool sounds dynamic and truly inviting. I have taken your water aerobics and couldn’t believe I kept up with the rest of the class. I feel water yoga just feel like I am doing ballet or maybe even Tao chi, which sounds beneficial as you saying and relaxing or calming. Where does one sign up? I’m ready!!

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