The 108Method…Wisdom for your Everyday Chaos

by monica | July 30, 2018 

LET’s GROW  taller, longer, leaner, stronger!! I have a wee bit of an obsession with the power within you, me, and us! We can be warriors of this life together and even though the “selfie” is a thing, it’s all our energies together that is far more empowering , almost like Kryptonite! So what is it in YOU, that feeds your soul, your body, your mind? What are YOU feeding your body, mind and soul!? I have a simple solution that we can begin implementing on a daily basis which is easy as “1,2,3” or “ A,B,C.”.

As a mom of 3, albeit empty-nester with college agers, I learned long ago to choose the positive path in life. When the babies didn’t sleep, or the day didn’t go as planned, I learned to go with the flow and turn the frown upside down! My smiles prevailed but more importantly, my mental state was strong due to being positive, together with my faith that God has a plan.

We all have a choice as to how we look at life and if we let negative thoughts or someone else’s negative words beat us down, then strength seems hard to reach. Our goals get put aside or worse..shot down. I’m here to help us open our eyes to the infinite possibilities within.  YOU are a bloomin’, beautiful flower that needs nourishment to grow. The 108Method is the solution to pick you up, lift your spirits and feed your soul. Know we are all in this together and when we learn to let go, we can FLY with infinite possibilities toward our life’s work. Start present and know you truly are a gift! xo


  1. Lisa Glennie

    Love your blog Monica, also love you and you zest for life!!!! Wise words you have written. Thank you for the needed reminder.

  2. Cindie Wiggins

    Amen. You are a true blessing and a wonderful soul. Thank you for being a part of my life. I’m on board and plan to be in on your journey .

  3. Suzanne

    Beautifully written! Looking forward to more of your blogs!

  4. Mary

    Thank you for kind words that inspire, Monica!

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