Client Success Stories

“Monica gave me my life and my legs back!”

With Monica’s help, I have lost 11 dress sizes!  When I first started working with Monica, I was at size 34. I’m now a size 12, and have so much more energy and confidence. My friends and family have noticed.

When people ask me my secret, all I can say is I have an amazing trainer who puts forth the work to truly help and change the lives of her clients.  I tell everyone how much Monica and I have worked on toning my muscles, and how she’s helped me discover how to ENJOY burning calories. When people see me now, versus me from two years ago, their mouths drop.

Alicia, Client

“Generous, warm, and deeply caring”

Monica has a special gift and ability to motivate and liven up any group or one-on-one. I believe it is her love for life & great attitude! Her enthusiasm, fun and wildly energetic personality is contagious! It’s obvious that she has sang danced and acted on Broadway! Yes, Monica is a party on two legs, she is also a very intelligent, generous, warm and deeply caring soul. Her years of expertise as a physical trainer give you the security and reassurance of safety, she knows how to keep you safe from injury while reaching your goals.

Whether in her Zumba or Aerobics in the water or on land or you in Boot Camp Outdoors or Bridal Boot Camp or Aqua Boot Camp, Sunset Yoga, Flowing or other variety of Yoga, TRX, or any of her many day rejuvenating retreats, personal or group training. You can reach your goals & have fun doing so with this unique, dedicated, talented and caring personal trainer!

Alice Maher, Client + Holistic Health Counselor
Looking Glass Natural Health

“Monica has made my goals reality!”

I have been training with Monica since February of 2013, and have been in her aqua boot camp for over a year. First let me say that there were several personal trainers I could have chosen, but it was Monica’s tremendous spirit and energy that drew me to her. Since starting my journey with Monica I have lost over 75 pounds and dropped 6 dress sizes. My goal has always been to get healthy and not be overly concerned with the “scale numbers”. Monica has made that goal a reality.

I own a small business, and had been struggling with energy and joint pain. With Monica’s training and support, I now have the energy that I had over 20 years ago, and I feel strong in body and mind! I will tell you that when my schedule gets hectic and I am not able to train with Monica or make it to her classes, my body craves the energy and strength that I receive from her training.

On a more personal note….Monica is everything a personal trainer should be. Her support and genuine concern for her clients’ well being shows each time I work out, whether in a large group, or as a personal trainer. She is tough when needed, never letting my fears get the best of me, encouraging and uplifting as I am struggling to work harder during her sessions. There is no one I would rather train with!

Kenna, Client

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