Private Coaching

“Monica not only helped me drop 12 dress sizes…she also gave me my life and my legs back!”

“When the student is ready,

the teacher shall appear.”

With 15 years experience as as personal trainer and multiple certifications including weight-lifiting, kickboxing, spin, and several styles of yoga. I have faith in you and have a knack for helping you discover your inner strengths, feel your power, restore your spirit, and love what you see when you look in the mirror. My client success stories are proof! 


It’s a journey, and I’m here to make the transformation safe, efficient, and fun, so that you can reach, then EXCEED your goals.

Tired? Too tired to workout? Too ‘old’ in your mind to start now? Not flexible enough? Too sore? Knees bad, back hurts, shoulder frozen? With my training, life experience and YOUR desire to start working with me, I offer an unparalleled approach to creating a new and healthier you. It all begins with A,B,C…

A is for Attitude

It takes about 98% attitude and 2% aptitude to get ‘er done”. Like the little engine that could, our action is driven by our faith and belief, our knowing and OWNING that we C-A-N! Align with positivity and you will reach higher places.

B is for Breath

It’s a powerful action that is too often to overlooked! But with awareness and practice our breath is a priceless and essential tool toward our success, both physically and mentally. Not only does it cleanse our body and calm our minds, but it gives us energy!! Friends..this is “free medicine”! Listen to your body, breathe deeply and go beyond your goals.

C is for Courage

When you have a “yes I can attitude,” you will SOAR to new heights, great places and have faith to go with the flight. Do it with conviction and IGNITE every ounce of your core; core beliefs, core muscles, deeply rooted with the ability to succeed!

The Time is Now

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