How to Skyrocket Your Life to Amazing Freedom!

by Monica | July 6, 2019

You have the power within you, right this very moment, to stop the insanity and madness in your life and choose happiness, joy and peace! The ability to change your body, your life story, even your mind begins with these 3 easy steps of consistent determination. We all know that developing new habits, or letting go of old habits, takes focus, repetition and desire to truly want to feel better, right? Well what are you waiting for?! Let’s dive in and get these fireworks going.

  1. Get Grateful Daily- Having what’s known as an attitude of gratitude throughout your day can shift your mood, the energy of others in your life, and is one of your super powers. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, be thankful for each and every body part, each and every story that is woven into your heart and soul and your life as a whole. Start with small lists and work up to this present moment. Even hard stuff has the gift of a lesson somewhere.
  2. Breathe Deeper- As I’ve mentioned in earlier articles, your breath is your FREE medicine! Right now, inhale from deep below your navel, inflate your belly like a balloon. Feel your ribcage expand all around you, then your collar bone extend ever so slightly from left to right. As you exhale, free up the jaw and let out a sigh. Go’s called a sigh of relief, right? You will feel free one breath at a time.
  3. Be Brave- Going through life’s difficulty allows us to feel human. Finding courage taps in to allowing the feelings of the heart and persevering through to the other side. Instead of running away or hiding your head in the sand, go back to steps 1. & 2 and these will help to withstand those challenging moments that life dishes out.

Remembering you are not alone in challenging times is comforting and helpful to allow growth. Knowing there is suffering in life, but that there is also a way through it is encouraging.  You can wallow in the pain , misery, insanity over and over, or you can use these 3 easy steps to bring some light to your life right this very moment.

If there is a situation in your life story that needs some change or a super hero to get you through, take a deep breath right now and know it is in your hands, together with some faith depending on your background.  Don’t blame those around you and get caught up in pointing the finger, or looking to someone else to fix you. You are the super-hero and your health, inside and out, is your cape. Be responsible for your own joy and soar to new heights of happiness. Use these 3 steps whether you are in an unhealthy relationship, or a diagnosis you have been given. Use these 3 steps whether you feel you need to change your job or re-shape your body.  Be patient and know you will get through . Be the booming firecracker and shine bright!


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  1. Andrea

    Good reminders..we are our own bus driver

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