How to Deal With Those Negative People in Life

by Monica | May 1, 2019

Do you ever wonder how that girl in your office is always happy and full of joy? Are you that person that is affected by the weather, and if it’s another day of snow you are “sick“ of it? Or are YOU that person that is always happy and full of joy most days? I confess to you that I am that girl in the first scenario- a living, breathing 108 Method success!

Since I can remember, I have always had a positive attitude. Perhaps I didn’t even know what to call it growing up, but long before I read spiritual books or began yoga, I had strong faith that everything  would turn out as planned. We had little money when I was young but my mom always instilled her faith in God and believed His plan would work out. Back then I could not fathom how God could manage us all; but as I grew wiser over the years and my faith became stronger, I began to grasp this truth.

If you are in a place right now that has you feeling hopeless, rest assured with some willingness and patience that you can pull yourself through. The more those feelings lurk about, the more the people you work with and live with see it as a negative vibe. With a few simple steps right now, you can start to turn that frown upside-down. It all comes down to how badly you wish to change your vibe!?  Typically, people attract like-minded people. Surrounding yourself with a light-hearted and positive person can rub off on you little by little, day by day.

All throughout high school and into my college years, I was drawn to  like-minded souls for the most part. However, if an “Eeyore” type personality presented itself in my story, I naturally began to bring a little more joy into the picture. Throughout the years I have learned it is not my job to lift up another if they are not willing to find their inner spark. I do know, however, that we are all on this planet to shine our light for each other and to make our days here as easy as possible. Life is too short to carry that heavy weight of negativity around so let go, be free and know God has your back.

No matter what your story entailed growing up or where you stand with your current situation, you have the ability right now to choose to be positive and tap into the power of faith. We all have hardships in our lives and have to endure many heart aches, heart breaks and life lessons.  Compassion, empathy and kind-heartedness are three ingredients to Help Open Peoples’ Eyes (H.O.P.E) and realize we are all in this together and we truly can help each other out. So when you encounter that negative Nellie or Eeyore in your life, just remember the H.O.P.E acronym and shine a bit of your light towards them. They may be hurting inside and your positive attitude can help lift their energy if they are willing to connect to it.

The 108 Method can help the negative Nellie be lifted up or the happy Hannah deal with the Eeyore that does not wish to change. Just follow the numbers and their meanings.

1: Accepting the fact that we are all in this life together

0:  If someone rubs us the wrong way, use a few deep breaths to detach and let go.

8: Life is full of infinite opportunities to love, learn and  trust that all will be okay.

God, the Universe, call it what you will, surely does have our back. Our light is eternal and our spirit lives on!



  1. Beth MillerHerholtz

    Love this definition of 108…many ways to use this recipe in life

  2. Megan

    Wonderful advice and so timely in my life! I would encourage all to heed this advice, but especially my fellow empaths who tend to absorb the energy of others around them. I struggle with this daily. I am naturally happy-go-lucky and tend to attract others, but sometimes those others have very negative energies that can be very de-energizing for me. That said, I will take your advice by implementing the 108 method during my interactions with others. Thank you!

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