How to Awaken Your Soul and Find Your Next Soulmate- Your Everyday Guide to Eternal Bliss!

by Monica | June 2, 2020

It’s not everyday that you look beyond the surface of things and think about the contents of what’s inside. Or is it?

Whether looking at a tree, an animal, or another human, I often think of the inner essence of whatever it is I am admiring. Wondering with sincere curiosity and little judgement toward the amazing creation I see, I find myself enlivened with complete awe. Energy, spirit, soul, divinity, light, or even God, may apply to what you think of when looking within. Perhaps one if not all of these pertains to your beliefs, otherwise this article may not have caught your eye?

As a faith-filled, spiritually driven being, my life’s work has taken me toward answering what some refer to as “a calling.” As long as I can remember, awe and wonder have intrigued me to the point of esoteric and ethereal conversations with other like-minded individuals. Cloud formations, spindly tree roots, vibrant green new growth in spring, and even the majestic summit of Mount Everest  herself are just a few of my jaw-dropping attractions that often leave me with a lack of words to describe.

Could it be my soul’s longing to connect with awe and wonder as a constant supply for inner bliss? 

I believe so. As humans we see, feel, touch, taste, and hear if we are lucky enough to be born with and maintain these 5 senses. The 6th sense, however, may provide you with a life so rich in bliss that you, too, may be at a loss of words. However, you will be abundantly blessed with an overflowing amount of joy, love, and attraction to more of the same.

1. Intuition.The 1st key to finding your soulmate.

The space between your eyes, your third eye if you will, is where the intuition lives. It is when you ‘see” without needing to literally see. It is a knowing that may be in cahoots with your solar plexus- your gut feeling. You’ve had those moments where you just “know” something, right? It is a visceral feeling you can’t explain but you have a choice to trust it, or not. Trust me when I tell you, trust it. Listen to it. How?

2. Meditate, pray & journal. The 2nd key to finding your soulmate.

Getting into these habits may be easy or hard for some but they are surefire tools to bring you the answers you need. Notice I said need, not want. Like the song goes “ You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” The way our ego mind may ask God to answer our prayers is not always the way it is meant to turn out. I often say “Be careful what you wish for,” or how you say it. Here’s what many spiritual masters recommend:

First, we pray, then we listen as we sit with meditation. Then we jot down what came to our mind, our intuition, our soul. When we use these tools in that order, our ego mind or logical mind  just might start to see the light.

Which brings me to the third way to find your soulmate:

3. Acceptance in Action. YOU are a beautiful soulmate.

Once you’ve done the inner work, and this takes time so patience is indeed a virtue, it’s essential  to accept what you cannot change, yet have the courage to change the things you can. Does this sound like an oxymoron? Or do you know this to be part of the Serenity Prayer? Perhaps a bit of both.

The wisdom it takes to trust your intuition, and follow your soul’s purpose here involves a bit of faith combined with an awakening. The last line of the serenity prayer asks God to grant me with the wisdom to know the difference between what I can truly change versus what I need to accept.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you are dead set against ever marrying again due to the pain and anguish of your last marriage. Your anger, your blame , your fear of being hurt again are holding you back from moving forward for the next amazing chapter of your life. Learning how to let go of resentment, bitterness and all negative emotions will allow you to attract those other souls that are meant to be part of your sacred contract. Healing takes forgiveness, grace and even some therapy but is the most important key to unlock your hidden gems-your soulmate.

Now, a soulmate may be a dear companion or a romantic connection but either way, you will be led to him or her using the tools mentioned above.

Sounds enchanting, maybe even heavenly, right?

Enter the Awakened Soulmate. 

The “calling” I referred to earlier has evolved over the last four decades as it clearly does take time for the soul’s journey to transcend. There has been an awakening in me that came about as a result of my human being story, complete with sorrow, joy, hardships, trauma, forgiveness  and so much love. My story, like your story, is unique and one of a kind , as are you. You and I have that much in common, and probably more.

As I am now being called to help open people’s eyes to the undercurrent of what we are truly made of; our soul. I created a coaching program, specifically geared toward helping women rebuild their confidence after a divorce, using tools their soul may have once utilized.

Right now the world is awakening. Big change is happening and it, too, is full of sorrow, joy, hardships, trauma, forgiveness and much love. You could say the human collective is being guided by connected souls in order to transcend beyond this. Prayer, meditation and much spiritual connection is upon us now more than ever.

We need to remember our soul beyond the five senses. We need to be reminded we are all in this together. If you are without a soulmate right now, know this:

The Awakened Soulmate is you. 

Your bliss is your birthright no matter what crisis may be part of your story right now.

Your energy, your divinity, your light is part of a bigger plan.

But your spark may need to awaken to your soul’s calling.

Trust me when I tell you- the fire within you, your inner light can lead you toward awe, wonder or even your next soulmate. 

If you need me to show you how, then let’s chat.

Your soul awaits, mate!


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  1. Elle

    What a wonderful message to someone who has separated from a spouse 3 times. Is it me? You start to wonder.
    I have also moved and I am living on my own for the first time. At some point you have to look inside yourself and ask some painful questions. Having someone like Monica guide you through this process can be very helpful

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