Eyes On You and Your Health for 2020!

by Monica | December 15, 2019

Are you ready for the next decade ahead? Another new year is here; but maybe your heart isn’t excited for it? Or maybe the fierce focus you have is driving you full speed ahead. Perhaps you just want to be done with 2019 due to some hardships, sorrow or loss. 

As your personal trainer, yoga teacher and coach I am writing to give you some everyday steps toward a healthier and more vibrant you both inside and out.  Let’s forget about the word “resolutions” and simply get some easy action steps to make change happen on a daily basis. Instead of resolution, let’s say you are ready for a New You.

Here is a simple recipe to add to your holiday list of food and drink options, only this one is food for the soul. After all, our health and wellness truly begins within:

First we begin with ingredients you may already have in your collection:

1 large cup of Acceptance

1 big bucket of Honesty

1 giant pale of Forgiveness

If you have these 3 major ingredients, then proceed to the next action steps below. ** Otherwise let’s shop for these 3 now…not on-line but “on-point.” Never heard of this place to purchase items on your list? Allow me to take you there. Being “on-point” is similar to a bull’s eye; a direct shot that hits the mark. Taking aim by looking with clear focus to reach your goal. That said, ask yourself these 3 questions while waiting for your cart to be full:

  1. Can I accept what my life looks like right now?
  2. Can I be honest and take responsibility for how I got to this point?
  3. Can I let go of blame and learn to forgive myself or others?


Acquiring these important ingredients are necessary to achieve your wellness goals. Building strength on the outside takes some important seeds to plant on the inside. But don’t worry, we all need to shop for these often hard to find essentials. Please trust me when I tell you, they are so worth it because YOU are a very unique gift. You cannot put a price on your award winning , one-of-a-kind story! With some elaborate preparations you can enjoy a well-balanced life that is rich in many healthy ways.

**Once you have gathered your 3 ingredients you can begin the delicious path to your Best-You-Yet dish in 2020! It will be a blend of exquisite joy that will fill you up all year long and will guarantee your ability to roll with life’s ups & downs . You will feel satiated and ready to share your secret recipe with all around you. Your energy will increase, your desire to smile “just because” will double, and your body will truly feel amazing.  Now THAT’S a diet to keep your eyes on for life!



  1. Anne

    I feel better in so many ways since starting yoga and listening to your messages.

  2. Anne

    I think the pail of forgiveness may be the hardest one…

  3. Andrea

    Way cool
    Acceptance, honesty, forgiveness….
    Those are all needed to continue on my path.
    Good items needed for our journey . Nice read, thank you.

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