Change is an Inside Job: 3 Habits that will Change Your Life From the Inside Out

by Monica | April 3, 2022

Whether you want to make a change in your body, your lifestyle, your work or whether a change has been thrown your way that you hadn’t seen coming, your shift of perspective is how you adapt with ease.  We have to go inside to be able to transform and reshape our mindset so that we can handle change from a state of empowered calm. Change is the ONLY constant in our lives. Your body,  your mind and your spirit will be better off when you apply these 3 steps.. The best part? It’s as simple as A,B,C. You see, 98% of what we do is our attitude, 2% is our aptitude. Believing IS achieving and it starts here, today.

 How do I get started?!

Whether you wish to change your body weight, enrich your marriage, or find your soulmate, your attitude is how to get started. The same approach to better your body is how to start bettering your relationships, your job, your whole life.

 Thoughts are Powerful

Your thoughts can make or break your day, your marriage, your life! How? The incessant dialogue within your mind creates a feeling which eventually leads to action. SO…those thoughts may not be truths, but it’s what you believe to be true right now. The more you think or even obsess about that thought, the more you create a  feeling behind it and action toward or away from that thought. Your shift from that incessant mental noise starts with changing your mind-shifting your:


ATTITUDE: Step 1 toward transformation. The word attitude itself has a root meaning of “fitness, posture” from the Italian~ attitudine. How you stand up to your mind is empowering and allows you to make progress toward your goals. Take a deep breath right now. Let it out completely, making some noise as you do. We know this as a sigh of relief, right? It is liberating to let go, because right behind that big exhale is another inhale. Your life continues to inspire you with this breath.

 BREATH: Step 2 toward transformation. The fact is, we don’t use our breath fully, and if we did we would all find MORE energy and stronger respiratory muscles. The word Inspire has a Latin root  “spirare” which translates to; breath. When you are inspired to take action toward a new goal in your life, you most definitely breathe in LIFE, energy, excitement and let go of what holds you back from reaching that goal. Moving toward your dream life starts with what I refer to as your ‘free  medicine.’ And the best part? It does not cost a dime. Your breath is also essential when a change occurs that your mind is not on board with at the time-a sigh of relief is just that…RELIEF, so that you are free of tension inside and out. Victory is yours.

 Lastly, beautiful soul, it’s time to strengthen the COURAGE muscles-leaning into the hard stuff in order to move up and over any and all of life’s proverbial mountains. This step takes practice but when working with my clients I give them tools and exercises to rebuild the courage and confidence it takes to move forward to the next exciting chapter of their life. Trust it. You can find calm in the chaos of life’s changes.

So… Are you Ready?

Are you ready to take the ABC’s into your life and bring MORE power via love and positivity into all you do? Isn’t it time to open your eyes to your true potential no matter what your life circumstances are? I am here for you. I KNOW these strategies will help you move your whole outlook on life to the next level! Learn how to change your thoughts and discover infinite possibilities ahead.

Book your free clarity call and get a taste of what that can look like in your life. Make it happen today, for we are not promised tomorrow.

Your soul sista,

Monica Fernandi, Soulmate Confidence Coach.



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