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How to Awaken Your Soul and Find Your Next Soulmate- Your Everyday Guide to Eternal Bliss |June 2, 2020

It’s not everyday that you look beyond the surface of things and think about the contents of what’s inside . Or is it? Whether looking at a tree, an animal or another human, I often think of the inner essence of whatever it is I am admiring. Wondering with sincere curiosity and little judgement toward the  amazing creation I see, I find myself enlivened with complete awe…

Death, Divorce, Moving…Oh and yes, a Pandemic|April 17, 2020

There comes a time in life that we may feel alone as we deal with a hardship that perhaps  others have encountered at some point in life . A time when it seemed as though we were at a lowest of lows and just did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this we are all faced with a never before seen pandemic of the COVID19 virus

Balance Improvement 101| February 21, 2020

Are you feeling strong on your own two feet? Do you walk tall with confidence, assured that you won’t fall down? Maybe you are over confident and judge such an inquiry, thinking you are set in this department. No matter what, balance is necessary for us all each and every day and it’s not just standing on one foot that defines it…

Three Ways to Get What You Want| January 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the one thing you really, really want in life just isn’t coming your way any time soon? Is there a dream you desire that has been pulling at those heart strings and yet it still hasn’t become a reality…

Eyes on You and Your Health for 2020! | December 15, 2019

Are you ready for the next decade ahead? Another new year is here; but maybe your heart isn’t excited for it? Or maybe the fierce focus you have is driving you full speed ahead. Perhaps you just want to be done with 2019 due to some hardships, sorrow or loss. As your personal trainer, yoga teacher and coach I am writing to give you some everyday steps toward a healthier and more vibrant you both inside and out...

Mount Everest Base Camp- The Adventure of a Lifetime | November 6, 2019

If you had asked me this time last year if I wanted to hike up Mount Everest Base Camp, I would have looked at you and wondered, “why?” The idea of seeing the highest mountain on Earth has always intrigued me but never did I imagine myself actually going there. My proverbial bucket list did not have this on it at all…

Trekking to Everest Base Camp- the Ultimate Empowering Adventure| September 18, 2019

The great outdoors is where you want to be when the leaves begin to change and the cool, crisp breezes begin to roll in, right? With the magic of autumn approaching, and the sizzle of summer still apparent, the great outdoors is where I’ve been training-LOTS! From the hills behind WARF, where I personal train and teach many classes, to the hiking trails in Shenandoah National Park, these feet are readying for a trek of a lifetime…

Aging with Ease and Grace|August 19, 2019

If I had to guess, you chose to read this article because you were born somewhere between 1946 and 1964? Or perhaps your parents were born then and you wish to deem some sage advice for them? Personally, I put myself in the “Last of the Baby-Boomers” category being born in 1964. Either way let it be known there are 75 million boomers right now…

S-T-R-E-S-S: A 6 Letter Word That Can Take 5 Minutes a Day to Fix|  July 28, 2019

Stress, fatigue, and a case of the blues are the #1 complaint in doctor’s offices these days, totaling a staggering 75-90% of reasons for trips to the doctor. Do you suffer from one of these ailments? Whether it is rooted in relationships, finances, or job situations, the spinning out of control scenario can cause your body to become restless at night, hyper-ventilate during the day, and simply lack desire and motivation to do ANYTHING….

How to Skyrocket Your Life to Amazing Freedom!|  July 6, 2019

You have the power within you, right this very moment, to stop the insanity and madness in your life and choose happiness, joy and peace! The ability to change your body, your life story, even your mind begins with these 3 easy steps of consistent determination…

How to Deal With Those Negative People in Life | May 1, 2019

Do you ever wonder how that girl in your office is always happy and full of joy? Are you that person that is affected by the weather, and if it’s another day of snow you are “sick“ of it? Or are YOU that person that is always happy and full of joy most days? I confess to you that I am that girl in the first scenario- a living, breathing 108 Method success!

Trust Your Gut…Get Out of a Rut! | April 2, 2019

You know those moments in your life when something just does not feel right? Your gut feeling is telling you to change course, move along or speak your truth!? There have been countless times this sensation came over me, and many times I have listened to it, other times it created a knot in the pit of my stomach…

27 Days to a More Vibrant YOU | February 20, 2019

Ok friends...truth or myth: We can adopt new habits in 21 days.There are a lot of sources that claims this to be truth and all sorts of articles and  programs that may use this approach for success. However from my personal research, it seems to be a myth…

For the First Time, the World is Ready for this Beautiful Mindset|January 19, 2019

Happy 2019 to you! Every year and each decade, time flies by as we all evolve, change and transform, hopefully for the better. Ancient wisdom is looked at again and again with new eyes, and youth learns the awe of the current world around them, depending on how it is shown to them

Three Things to Make You READY for Christmas|December 17, 2018

Do you remember when you were a kid waking up on Christmas morning? Holy COW was that exciting! Magic just happened, presents just appeared, and no matter where you were or what your story was at that time, maybe you were lucky enough to have a smile both on your face and in your heart. The smell of yummy breakfast and some Christmas songs playing as you tore into the colorful big package…

4 Easy Steps to Joy, Happiness, and a Great Big Smile!| 

November 14, 2018

You know that time of year when the clocks change and we get excited to GAIN an hour of sleep!? Well here we are… and now we find our commute back home in the dark, right!? We’ve all been there when it feels like 10:00 PM and it’s only 7:00!…It’s times like these that we need a boost…I want you to visualize the sunshine and all its grandeur.

What Goes Around, Comes Around | October 3, 2018

Karma…what does this word evoke in you ? Destiny? Fate? In the Sanskrit language, Karma translates as “action.” Newton’s Law, well one of them, says every action in nature has an equal or opposite reaction.  So basically, what we do affects our path, another’s path, and the road ahead, maybe even in the next lifetime! This is Karma..!

Let it Go | August 31, 2018

What if I told you there that you have everything you need right now, how would that make you feel? Doubtful? Anxious? At ease?  The constant chase we all get involved in daily has us feeling like a hamster spinning a wheel, right?

We’re All in This Together: The “1” of 108 | August 17, 2018

Instead of comparing to another, let us be comforted by the fact that we are all in this world together. We are connected and we can be empowered.

The 108Method…Wisdom for your Everyday Chaos | July 30, 2018

LET’S GROW  taller, longer, leaner, stronger!! I have a wee bit of an obsession with the power within you, me, and us! We can be warriors of this life…

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