Aging with Ease and Grace

by Monica | August 19, 2019

If I had to guess, you chose to read this article because you were born somewhere between 1946 and 1964? Or perhaps your parents were born then and you wish to deem some sage advice for them? Personally, I put myself in the “Last of the Baby-Boomers” category being born in 1964. Either way let it be known there are 75 million boomers right now-adults between the ages of 54 and 72. On the flip side of the spectrum, Millennials and Generation Y folks will soon be passing us by as far as numbers go since all good things must come to an end. However, our life expectancy has gone up to well into our 80’s and therefore living with ease and grace is essential to keep it moving while we got it!

Last week’s newspaper highlighted some amazing advice and stories to do just that; from skydiving, to belonging to a local gym, functional aging is a hot topic and a huge market right now. We have places to go and people to visit. We have activities to cross off our bucket-list and events we wish to be a part of while we still can. Whether you plan to climb Mount Everest Base Camp with me this fall or want to travel to Galapagos Island with your grandson while being able to keep up, your mobility and strength are important to sustain an active lifestyle.

Truthful Tidbit- I did not do my first headstand or pull-up until I turned 50. Call me a late bloomer but timing is an individual thing and my courage to even attempt these activities developed over the years. Sometimes it truly is our fear that holds us back from growing stronger or trying something new. Perhaps an event happened in our life that left an unpleasant feeling and we don’t wish to revisit that feeling again. A past fall, for example, can change your outlook on trying something new. We’ve all had a fall at some point but as our body ages, the post-fall repercussions can stack up.  

As a professionally  trained dancer in my 20’s, I was able to increase speed and power while keeping tempo with tap, jazz and ballet, and even if I got caught up in my own two feet, I bounced right back up again. As a 1st degree black belt in the art of Tae Kwan do, I was taught how to fall as our drills over and over included big mats to cushion our bones and muscles along the way. Quick reflex muscles are strengthened along with breathing exercises to assist the fear that can come over you while sparing another student or performing beautifully flowing forms. I began that training in my 30’s after having all 3 of my children so they trained with me a bit. Upon my 40th birthday I did what other “mid-life” people do-jump out of an airplane, with a parachute and of course an instructor. I loved that so much I wanted to do it annually! Now in my 50’s what was left? Oh right, headstands and pull-ups. Falling has happened while learning  these practices as well as during some yoga poses. After all, practice is how we learn and falling down is how we get stronger. Bounce back up and find some forgiveness for yourself, and grace.

Along the way we want to continue doing what we love to do, right? Playing golf, tennis, hiking, biking, dancing, going on adventurous vacations, gardening and forever fluffing up the nest are all ways we connect, maintain vitality and continue to enjoy our lives. Feeling good is important and so is honoring your beautiful body. Remembering to drink enough water, get plenty of sleep and eat as organically as possible are all necessary ingredients to sustain your amazing machine. It is never too late, by the way, to learn how to implement these important steps. The key is you have to want to keep on keeping on and accept where you are right now and we grow from there. One step at a time, we get to the top of a mountain, learn a new dance for our child’s wedding or build up to strength training and balance improvement. Come be a part of my positive energy and take a yoga class, or be part of the upcoming Women’s Empowerment Series I’m doing at the enchanted Le Fay Cottage in Little Washington. Continue to grow more wise as you develop the muscles for a happy life.

So to wrap up Monica’s Secret to aging with ease and grace: once again, it’s as easy as A,B,C:

~Choose an Attitude of gratitude; fall down and be grateful to get back up.

~BREATHE deeply, it will calm your thoughts and help let go of judging yourself. 

~Have courage to take up something new, or call me today and I will help get your courage up to make life grander than ever!

We are, after all, the let’s B-O-O-M!!  GO!


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  1. Adair Ciolfi

    I put myself in the first-of-the-baby-boomers category and, at this point, appreciate the reminder to be grateful for all the things I can do. Thank you for the healthy-living pointers that we sometimes lose sight of in day-to-day living, for emphasizing positive thinking, and for all the help and encouragement you have given me!

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