4 Easy Steps to Joy, Happiness, and a Great Big Smile!

by Monica | November 14, 2018

You know that time of year when the clocks change and we get excited to GAIN an hour of sleep!? Well here we are… and now we find our commute back home in the dark, right!? We’ve all been there when it feels like 10:00 PM and it’s only 7:00! Not only that, but it makes you sleepy sooner as the day ends seemingly too soon. Maybe you feel like staying put on the couch, or worse yet, staying in the bed! It’s times like these that we need a boost, burst, or plain old “vitameatavegamin” as Lucille Ball said in the classic “I Love Lucy” episode.

I want you to visualize the sunshine and all its grandeur. Recall a day when you were young and carefree, perhaps at the playground or at a park. The energy in you seemed infinite and your desire to run from one swing to the next was overflowing. Then ask yourself: when was the last time you DID go on a swing, let alone scurry around a park? Why can’t we live this way each day and tap into that same exciting energy?! The answer: WE CAN! WOOHOO!!

The weather does not have to bring you down just because the sun is not shining. This is the time to bring your powerful imagination to life and trust you can always have a bright, sunshiny day! Yes, we all have those moments of “Dear God, help me get through this..” and we may feel alone in our struggles.  Whatever challenge you are facing right now, imagine that you are being sculpted, smoothed and polished into a better version of yourself. Allow the vision of the sun to warm your heart and lift your “bah humbug” frown. We have the choice to push through and find a light somewhere! Be comforted by the fact that you are not in this life alone.

There is ALWAYS a light, and darkness is simply the absence of light! Mother Teresa said “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.” Instead of pity- let’s be GIDY! As hard as it is to let go of the struggle, know that it will feel sooooo much better. Be patient

Ok..so let’s recap on those 4 steps:

  1. Picture the sun is shining BEHIND the rain or snow clouds, or even on the other side of the world
  2. Go to a park or playground, get on a swing, PLAY,  and even say “WEEEEEEEE!”
  3. PRAY and give THANKS; be grateful for what we have!
  4. Sing a song:
    • “I don’t know what you’ve been told, but negative thinking makes you old. We can choose to shine our light- bring your smile, it feels right. Life is full of ups and downs, lift your wings up off the ground. Move your body- make it SOAR..108 is not a bore!” MFernandi



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